Kristin Cavallari Tells Amazing Story Of The Time Lindsay Lohan Broke Into Her House – Wait, WTF?!

This is incredible!

Kristin Cavallari found herself on LadyGang this week when she was asked about the worst celebrity interaction she’s ever had. Very quickly, she came up with the answer — Lindsay Lohan — and dropped an incredible story to go along with it!

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Remembering a time back in the early- to mid-2000s (you know, the GOLDEN AGE of entertainment gossip and reality TV shenanigans — LOLz), Kristin recalled how one day, Lindsay allegedly broke into a house where Cavallari had been staying with her then-BF Talan. (Y’all remember him, right?!)

But, yeah, OK, about the Lohan break-in — WTF?!?!

Kristin explains the whole break-in and aftermath in the video itself (above), and you can also read more about exactly what went down in the transcript (below):

“When I was a senior in high school and Laguna Beach was airing, Talan — I don’t know if you guys remember him — he like, dropped out of school, moved up to L.A., was going out, and like, ran in the same circle as her. My friend Alex and I would come up to L.A. and we’d go out and whatever. One night, I was sleeping in Talan’s bed with him, fully clothed, like, long sleeved shirt on, and she broke into his house at 4 a.m., saw that I was in bed with him — with like her posse of girls — went upstairs in the kitchen … and started throwing glasses everywhere. So I was like, ‘This bitch is crazy.’”


What. The. F*ck?!?!

Kristin continued, too (below):

“So then I did an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. So then it came out in Rolling Stone Magazine and I was like, ‘Oh my god, when Lindsay Lohan sees this she is going to fucking kill me!’ So [eventually] I saw her and she was like, ‘Hey, girl! We gotta get lunch, we need to hang out. I was like, ‘Hollywood’s f*cking nuts!’”

OMG!!!! That sounds like the most on-brand LiLo story EVER! Ha!

But seriously, WTF?! Kristin has turned into quite the mogul in her own right, but who knew that back in the mid-2000s she (or, Talan?) got on LiLo’s bad side after a long night out and a botched break-in and rude wake-up call with a posse of girls along for the ride!

The mental imagery on this one sure is something!

Ahhh, if only to be back in the mid-2000s again… what a crazy time, what an innocent world! Laughing so hard at stories like this one!!!

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