Kylie Jenner Still Loves Travis Scott Amid Cheating Rumors – Hollywood Life

Kylie Jenner still loves Travis Scott amid the cheating rumors that have surrounded him, a source close to the couple told HL EXCLUSIVELY.

While Travis Scott, 26, gave Kylie Jenner, 21, a sweet shout-out during his concert at Madison Square Garden on Mar. 2 when he yelled, “love you wifey,” it seems that Kylie still returns those feelings even with the unverified cheating rumors involving him. A source close to the couple told HollywoodLife that Kylie may be confused about this situation, but she still loves Travis. “Travis is willing to do anything for Kylie and she knows that, so of course Kylie is feeling hurt and confused still by all of this,” our source told us. “She doesn’t know what to say or think. He always has, and he always will. He is adamant that he didn’t cheat. Kylie has heard rumors, but she never believed anything. Being in the public eye herself, she knows about rumors and really would never just assume anything without knowing, so she empathized with Travis.”

Travis not only deleted his Instagram in the wake of these cheating allegations, he’s also “strongly” denied them. And in spite of these wild rumors, Travis and Kylie are still going strong. “Travis and Kylie are more in love than ever and really felt before all of this that baby number two was on the top of their to do list for 2019,” our source told us. “Khloe and all of the sisters are supporting Kylie. Kris feels awful that she can’t do anything to alleviate the pain that she’s feeling between this and Jordyn, however, Kylie truly is just processing everything right now. Travis is busy on tour back east all week, so it’ll give her time to think and some space. Kylie has wanted to be a mom and wife since she was a little girl. It’s unfortunate what she’s going through, and she finds it so odd Khloe is going through it with her, but takes a bit of solace in that.”

We reported earlier how Kylie apparently confronted Travis with “evidence” of him allegedly cheating on her, which caused him to cancel a performance in Buffalo on Feb. 28. However, he maintains that he had to forego his concert appearance due to an illness. “Travis is willing to do anything and everything to please Kylie,” our source told us. “Kylie is always calm, cool and collected through everything she does, so they don’t ever get into blow out fights. That’s not who she is. She’s mature and they have talked through everything. She’s telling those around her that she still needs to do some more homework on the entire situation.”

As we mentioned earlier, Kylie is not racing to any quick conclusions until she learns more about the allegations. “She’s still not jumping to anything,” our source told us. “She loves Travis and wants to continue to build a family with him, but she is also not going to tolerate being mistreated. She sees what Khloe has gone through and because of not leaving Tristan before is going through and doesn’t want that for herself.”

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