Kandi Burruss About Porsha Williams: Motherhood Has Changed Her – ‘She’s Showing Love To Everybody’

It seems like Porsha Williams becoming a mother might just help her and Kandi Burruss become friends! Fans of RHOA know that the two women do not have the best of relationships.

However, Kandi shared with HollywoodLife that ever since she got pregnant, Porsha has changed a lot for the better!

According to the reality TV star, her co-cast mate is like a whole new person and these days, there is nothing but love between them.

‘Porsha and I, we’re doing good. Right now, it’s like, it’s no drama. It’s all love. You know, now, she and I have really been getting along. So I am happy about that,’ he told the outlet during an exclusive interview.

As for whether she’d given her any parenting advice or not, Kandi admitted that ‘Well, no, I haven’t given her any mommy advice yet. [But] I’m sure that will come once the baby gets here.’

Well, better get to it, because the baby is now here!

Porsha gave birth to her first child, a baby daughter, earlier today. For more about that, click here!

Kandi went on to reveal in what ways she’s changed since getting pregnant, saying: ‘I feel like she’s definitely not as much in the midst of drama or doing anything super crazy. She has definitely been trying to make more friends than not, if that makes any sense. I think that now, she has definitely been showing love to everybody, and not trying to fall back into a bad place with people.’

It really seems like Kandi and Porsha have managed to work out the differences they had!


Are you excited to see their relationship evolve on the show?

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