Stray Kids give fans a preview of ‘Entrance’ and ‘Mixtape #4’ from ‘Clé 1: Miroh’ | The latest kpop news and music

Stray Kids give fans a preview of ‘Entrance’ and ‘Mixtape #4’ from ‘Clé 1: Miroh’


On March 20th, Stray Kids released their fifth and sixth ‘UNVEIL: TRACK‘ of ‘Entrance‘ and ‘Mixtape #4‘ for their upcoming comeback ‘Clé 1: Miroh‘. Check it out below!

Entrance‘ is the introduction song of the album. Although there is no accompanying video, the audio is filled with interesting sounds like drums, beats, growls, hollering, heavy breathing and a funky melody. It sets the tone for the whole album as it is the ‘Entrance‘ song.

Like all their previous ‘Mixtape‘ songs, this track is available on the CD only. The group have told their story and inspired fans through this series of songs. ‘Mixtape #4‘ is about how the group members have overcame their struggles together through teamwork. Some of the lyrics are displayed as the song is previewed. STAYs will definitely get emotional while listening to this track.

At the moment, Stray Kids is in the midst of releasing a preview of one of the tracks on ‘Clé 1: Miroh‘ every day at midnight KST. They will “unveil” a new track every day until the day of their actual comeback, which is the 25th of March.

Stray Kids will make their comeback with their fourth mini album ‘Clé 1: Miroh‘ and title track ‘Miroh‘ on March 25th, their first debut anniversary. “Clé” means “key” in French, while “miroh” means “maze” in Korean. Fans are definitely intrigued by these hints at what their comeback will be like. The subunit 3RACHA has produced all the songs on the album. This comeback follows their successful ‘I Am‘ series, which had three instalments that were released in 2018. Stay tuned!

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