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Stray Kids have fun in a Sydney playground in ‘Boxer’ street version MV


Stray Kids has released a street version MV of ‘Boxer‘, the fifth track on their newest mini album ‘Clé 1: Miroh‘. It was released on their first anniversary March 25th. Since their debut, the group have released various street version MVs of their songs, some of which were filmed in different countries. Check it out below!

This street version MV was filmed in a playground in Sydney, Australia, the hometown of members Bang Chan and Felix. It features the members happily roaming around the playground, sliding down slides, teaching little kids their choreography and more. Some sweet moments include Hyunjin giving a high five to a little boy and Bang Chan playing with his adorable dog Berry.

Stray Kids most recently received their first ever music show win on ‘M! Countdown‘ for their newest title track ‘Miroh‘. It was a heartwarming moment for the members as they were in tears, especially leader Bang Chan who had trained for 7 years under JYP Entertainment before debuting. Lee Daehwi, the former Wanna One member who had trained with the members in JYP in the past, presented them with the award and hugged and congratulated them after. Furthermore, the date that they won on (April 4th, 2019) is a reference to the song ‘4419‘ which was on their pre-debut album ‘Mixtape‘. This fact made this particular milestone even more heartwarming.

Stray Kids is set to release their MV for ‘Victory Song‘ soon. Stay tuned!

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