Lisa Vanderpump Misses Kyle Richards And Their Friendship — Here Is Why She Is Not Ready To Look Back Despite Insistent Pleas From Andy Cohen

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards have not been on friendly terms for a while now, and it does not look like that situation is going to change anytime soon, regardless of what fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills think.

A massive fight — publicized on TV for all of their fans to see — put an end to their relationship of over a decade.

Moreover, now, Vanderpump has decided to open up on that situation and how it has affected her own life.

According to Vanderpump, she does miss what she had with Richards quite a lot and looks back on those times with fondness.

At the same time, the actress admits that this might not have been the best of friendships for her, all things considered.

She implied that there was some toxicity involved and that it was ultimately not a good thing for her life.

Andy Cohen was interested in hearing more details about the whole ordeal and how the situation has affected Vanderpump.

Cohen tried to calm things down on both ends, implying that both people had handled the relationship poorly in some aspects.

Here is an interesting exchange from the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance from Vanderpump’s end: “Well, I think we had a lot of fun together. I haven’t seen anything, but the fight. Well, I think Kyle always does that, doesn’t she?”

She added: “No, because I think when you’re a good friend, you stand up for them. I mean, I’ve stood up for Kyle when I had no idea whether she was right or wrong. Even from the first episode, I stood up blindly to Camille [Grammer] and said, ‘I don’t think she meant that.”

That did not seem to impress Vanderpump all too much though, as she continued to insist that the relationship was doing her no good and that she was better off without Richards in her life.

After all of the wise words from Cohen, Vanderpump still concluded: “I think sometimes she straddles the fence and the fence gets stuck up her ass. So if you’re going to be a friend to everybody, then sometimes you’re loyal to nobody. Look, of course, I miss that friendship, but maybe it wasn’t such a good friendship after all.”

It does not look like Vanderpump is going to change her mind on her former friend anytime soon, so for the time being, the two are going to remain separated.


That certainly does not exclude the possibility of hearing them comment on each other though, which is likely going to happen more than once.

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