10 Deviled Egg Ideas Everyone Will Love

Deviled eggs are one of the most universally loved apps and snacks. Put a plate down at any holiday get-together or gathering and it’s all but guaranteed they’ll be gobbled up in no time. I’m a purist at heart who believes you can never go wrong with the classic creamy, mustard-spiked filling, although there’s a nearly endless variety of ways to dress up and reinvent these two-bite snacks. Here are 10 of our favorite deviled recipe ideas to consider.

If you’re after classic deviled eggs mixed with a touch of mayo and mustard for a creamy, tangy filling, this is the recipe you want. It delivers every single time.

The yolks are mixed with whipped with cream cheese — creamy and rich, hinting of your favorite bagel. And the bagel inspiration continues, with a generous dusting of everything bagel spice on top.

And speaking of everything bagel spice, it’s (also) perfect for topping off a swirl of creamy avocado filling, as it does here.

Soaking hard-cooked eggs in beet juice is a fast and fancy way to give this appetizer a fun upgrade.

Try changing things up by swapping mayo for tangy Greek yogurt for the filling. You can also never go wrong with topping deviled eggs with a crunchy, fried topping.

Mash up two party favorites into a single appetizer, and it should come as no surprise that these eggs will disappear in record time.

A sprinkle of gochujang (Korean chili powder) and chopped kimchi give these eggs a spicy, tangy twist with just the right amount of funk.

These might be called Thanksgiving deviled eggs because they’re flavored with sage and shallots, but you’re missing out if you’re not making them all year long.

A tin of smoked trout is just the thing you didn’t know your deviled eggs were missing. Think of smoked trout as smoked salmon’s more down-to-earth cousin, and it’s just the right balance with the creamy filling.

Deviled eggs are the perfect time to pull that jar of togarashi from your spice cabinet (or pick up a bottle!).

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