ZEROTOHERO: From K-pop to becoming an idol group made for the Philippines | The latest kpop news and music

How does a group of friends go from getting together for milk tea into aspiring to become an idol group? Let ZEROTOHERO show you how!

The idea of coming from nothing and becoming something is what everyone hopes for. It’s with that dream that Zero 2 Hero, stylized as ZEROTOHERO, aims to become groundbreakers in the Philippine pop industry.

ZEROTOHERO comprises of eight young men who started out as K-pop fans. From loving the music to embracing the culture, Yukito, Kale, Jae, Zeno, Sky, Kenny, Rei, and Hyohwa started dreaming for more. The group started out as dance cover artists, performing songs by B2ST (now Highlight), 24K, GOT7, and Stray Kids. It’s with a random get-together and a comment out of fun to move from being cover artists to becoming idols themselves that truly got the ball rolling.

Similar to K-Pop groups, ZEROTOHERO members are in charge of specific roles:

Yukito – leader, main vocal

Kale – vice-leader, lead dancer, lead vocal

Jae – main dancer, lead singer

Zeno – main dancer, sub vocal

Sky – main vocal, lead dancer

Kenny – lead dancer, sub vocal

Rei – main dancer, rapper

Hyohwa – lead dancer, sub vocal

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