How Rich Is Ina Garten? Really, Really Rich.

We all know that Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is the queen of our hearts and our kitchens, but until we caught up on Popsugar’s  latest article on her, we didn’t quite realize she was also royally rich. Beyond the Hamptons estate we all drool over and her multi-million-dollar condo in the city, she’s got more money than you might ever have dreamed of. While the video the piece links to doesn’t actually cite specific sources, it estimates that Ina is worth $50 million — and that Jeffrey may be worth twice that.

Much of Ina’s net worth comes from her television show, which has been running on the Food Network for 17 years now, along with various grocery and merchandise lines, and of course the many best-selling cookbooks she’s written through the years. Her effortless, breezy cooking style and approachable but sophisticated recipes have broad appeal and have convinced so many of us to part with our own hard-earned dollars that hers have added up to an incredible amount of money (and, as Popsugar points out, she deserves every cent of it).

Her well-endowed empire of all things culinary came on a whim: she’d been working various jobs — including at the White House — when she came upon a shop for sale in the Hamptons. That shop, the Barefoot Contessa, gave her infectious enthusiasm for great food and impeccably elegant hostessing the platform she needed to skyrocket herself into culinary stardom — and, millionaire-dom.

But even with her surprisingly grand net worth, the video says she’s only halfway to Jeffrey, who worked on economic policy for a bunch of presidents, then for some of the biggest financial services firms in the pre-recession era. Now he — like Ina — is an author (and a professor at Yale). And together they’re worth a lot of money.

Because you didn’t already have enough reasons to want to be Ina Garten already, right?

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