Quote of the Day: Julianne Moore Speaks in Favor of Quotas While Attending Cannes

“We will not have gender parity unless everybody is cooperating,” said Julianne Moore at recent event at the Cannes Film Festival, per TIME. Cannes signed the 5050×2020 gender parity pledge last year, but this year’s Competition lineup features just four women-directed titles, and Artistic Director Thierry Frémaux continues to perpetuate the myth that there “have never been so many women directors in the industry as a whole” — and defend the fest’s decision to honor a man who has publicly admitted to slapping women. Moore’s comment seems to be pointed: not everyone is cooperating, including the folks heading the fest she’s currently attending.

“Women are not a special interest group,” the Oscar winner emphasized. “We’re 52 percent of the global population, In order to restore the balance, I do think that there will be, that we will need some measures to change our culture.” She continued, “We will have to make major changes to reach parity. That’s just a fact. So, I do believe in quotas. I really do. I believe in trying to level the playing field for everybody regardless of their gender or their culture or ethnicity. You have to open doors,” the “Gloria Bell” star added.

Frémaux is staunchly opposed to quotas and has said that if anyone urged the fest to program 50 percent of films made by women it “would show a lack of respect.”

A five-time Oscar nominee, Moore took home the trophy in 2015 for “Still Alice.” She also received nods for “Far From Heaven,” “The Hours,” “The End of the Affair,” and “Boogie Nights.” Among her upcoming projects are Apple thriller “Lisey’s Story” and Julie Taymor’s Gloria Steinem biopic “The Glorias: A Life on the Road.” She stars in “The Staggering Girl,” a short screening in Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight section.

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