Memorial Day Grill Sale – Cuisinart 2019


Did you spent the last six weeks anxiously awaiting the culmination of Game of Thrones, only to be left scratching your head and asking yourself, Bran the Broken? If this is the case, you might also be emerging from the Drogon-induced fog to wonder How is it already Memorial Day? Am I prepared?

Luckily, Cuisinart is having a sale on grills, smokers, and various tools so you can play with fire without getting scorched to death. The sale is good for TODAY ONLY! Here’s what what we’re eyeing.

Like Arya, this grill is small but mighty. It’s perfect for both backyards and patios and for taking the party with you. After all, a party is always better with grilled meats (and wine).

If you want a smoker without shelling out beaucoup Lannister gold, this is a solid investment that’s relatively easy to assemble (most reviewers said it took about 15 minutes, but give it longer if you have one solid-gold hand) and holds an even temperature.

If you need to feed your clan and a few wildlings, this generously proportioned smoker with four shelves will get the job done.

This handsome set comes with 12 tools — a spatula, tongs, meat fork, and cleaning brush, plus four skewers and four corn-cob holders — and would totally be at home in Westeros. The pieces are not made of Valyrian steel, but they’re still pretty darn durable.

If you’ve been planning on making pulled pork, or now just want to get out your frustration about the season finale, we recommend these claws. You can also use them to lift meats off the grill.

Grilling stuff aside, what’d you think of the finale?

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