The Ask Sharifah Videocast Wants to Be Your Home for Hot Topics, Personal Guidance, and Community Awareness

Are you looking for something a little more elevated than angry memes and constant trolling on your Facebook feed?

Would you like to have a discussion about real topics that impact you, your life, your community, and the world at large?

If you’re looking to get back to basics and focus on what really matters when it comes to social media – connection – then you absolutely must join the family of listeners and viewers who have made The Ask Sharifah Videocast possible.

With over 12,000 fans on Facebook, Sharifah Hardie is the voice of reason for many people out there in the desert.

That’s why her content has been featured on everything from to

Working from her own at, Sharifah Hardie hsa built a diverse following that represents all walks of life – just like her show.

Why should you tune in to the show?

It is simple: If you want something with a little more substance and a whole lot of heart, then The Ask Sharifah Videocast is your new home on the Internet.

It’s like your favorite daytime talk show host, minus the salaciousness and need to appeal to the lowest-common denominators between us all like sex, celebrity, and money.

The Ask Sharifah Videocast is all about being your best self.

This means that the content is geared towards building up its audience, breaking down the barriers that hold us back, and collectively overcoming new challenges as they arise.

Don’t worry – it will definitely be exciting, but it will never be a waste of your time.

Sharifah interviews business owners, entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers and brands on the show but she will also include her audience extensively in almost everything the show does. It is this kind of relationship between the viewer and Sharifah that makes The Ask Sharifah Videocast such an oasis in a web filled with cookie-cutter copycats.

The Ask Sharifah Videocast is real, and likes to keep it real with their audiences. If you want a voice of honesty and reason, look no further.

How do I participate in the videocast?

It is as simple as logging on to Facebook or viewing it on YouTube.

You can post questions, or just follow along with the show. Trust us, you won’t just want to watch for too long. Sharifah encourages active participation, and her infectious style and disarming manner will have you wanting more.

So, while she is the real deal, Sharifah knows that she can’t do it without her dynamic audience.

When you join The Ask Sharifah Videocast, you are coming home. This is a community built upon love and mutual respect for each other and the broader world. If you want a better way for yourself and others, then you owe it to yourself and others to share that vision with Sharifah’s community. You won’t find a better place anywhere on the web.

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