Chick-fil-A Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its annual Restaurant Report, which looks at customer satisfaction across U.S. full-service and fast food restaurant chains, reports Food & Wine. Out of 18 fast food brands, Chick-fil-A came out on top, with a score of 86. Panera was the second-best fast food restaurant, but at a score of 81, lagged behind Chick-fil-A by five points. In terms of full-service restaurants, Texas Roadhouse was on top for the second year in a row, followed by Cracker Barrel, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Olive Garden.

However, one of the most interesting data points revealed by the survey is that customers who order delivery are more satisfied than those who eat out. “As foot traffic slows, off-premise dining — projected to account for 37% of restaurant industry sales in 2018 — plays an important role,” the report states. “ACSI data show that for the full-service segment, diners who order food for delivery are far more satisfied (83) than those who dine in (79).” Full Story

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