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Offset can name more than one reason you should watch Cardi B’s new video for ‘Press,’ which he happily listed for his 12.8 million Instagram followers! He even shared a photo of his wife rocking lacy lingerie.

Cardi B’s new “Press” video pressed the right buttons on her husband Offset, 27. The Migos member shared a screengrab from the music video — a photo of Cardi dressed up in white lacy lingerie, wielding a gun — and gushed over his wife’s artistic vision. “PRESS VIDEO OUT NOW,” he wrote on Instagram, adding that she’s “SO CREATIVE” and “PUTS SO MUCH EMOTION & HEART IN VIDEO.” Offset’s use of all-caps reflected the serious imagery Cardi dealt out in her new music video — we’re talking a nude army, police interrogations, blood and a trip to court.
Offset is maintaining the same supportive attitude when it comes to Cardi’s current legal battle — and no, not the fictional one in “Press.” On June 26, Cardi pleaded not guilty to assault in relation to a New York strip club fight from Aug. 2018, as she has been accused of allegedly ordering an attack on bartenders Jade and Baddie Gi (Cardi allegedly believed one of the sisters slept with Offset). In the latest update of this ongoing case, Cardi has been charged with 12 crimes that include “assault, harassment and conspiracy,” according to The Guardian. On June 21, we reported that a grand jury had indicted the Grammy-nominated rapper on 14 charges, including two counts of felony attempted assault.

“She’s human so of course it’s a scary situation, but she’s not letting the fear get into her head. Offset is a huge help,” a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He has her back all the way on this. He’s so supportive and so positive. Anytime she does start to worry he helps to calm her down. He knows all the right things to say. Plus, she’s got such a full plate right now and so much going on with work that she doesn’t even have the time to sit and stress even if she wanted to.” Our insider noted that Cardi is “not even letting the possibility that she will go to jail enter her mind,” even though she could face a maximum of eight years behind bars!

Cardi and Offset also proved their romance was still kicking in high gear at the 2019 BET Awards, where Cardi gave her husband a lap dance. No, not in the audience — up on the stage!

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