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Jenelle Evans may have regained custody of her son Kaiser, but her ex Nathan Griffith wants the legal battle over primary custody to continue!

The fight isn’t over yet between Jenelle Evans, 27, and Nathan Griffith, 31. Jenelle’s ex had to reportedly hand over their son Kaiser, 5, to Jenelle after she won back custody over their child on July 4, but Nathan isn’t surrendering just yet. In the meantime, the former Marine thinks Jenelle isn’t holding up fairly in this co-parenting unit! “I found it absolutely hysterical because the moment I got Kaiser into my custody, I have never denied her one time of FaceTime,” he told TMZ on July 9, and went on to claim that Jenelle “denied” him to FaceTime Kaiser! “She has now already re-blocked my number, and is totally being outrageous in everything she has said about me.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Jenelle’s reps for comment.

With that said, Nathan has a game plan — and it involves a lawyer. “I already — before CPS got involved — I already started a custody battle with her to get primary custody over kaiser and me and my lawyer are going to of course going to approach that accordingly,” Nathan continued to tell TMZ. So, yes, that means Nathan hasn’t given up on the fight for primary custody over Kaiser. He believes he has a fair chance of winning, by suggesting that Jenelle’s unfit as a parent: “I think just with her situation I would be more fit as a parent.” Nathan is worried that Kaiser isn’t receiving the proper “love and affection.”

Nathan previously invited Jenelle and her husband David Eason, 31, to Kaiser’s fifth birthday party at the end of June, right before Jenelle won back custody of the birthday boy. But apparently, Jenelle wouldn’t return the favor! “Genuine question, have you ever invited Nathan and Ashley to your place for Kaiser’s sake?” a fan tweeted in early July, and Jenelle replied in a since-deleted tweet, “Nope.. and there’s a damn good reason. As soon as Kaiser’s party was over Ashley [Nathan’s girlfriend] had to go tweet some sh** about David but all nice to his face. Don’t trust her at all.”

The drama began when David confessed to killing Jenelle’s French bulldog, Nugget, on May 1. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Columbus County Animal Control conducted a joint investigation into animal cruelty allegations, and soon after, Child Protective Services reportedly got involved — Kaiser and Jenelle and David’s daughter, Ensley, 2, went to live with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans. Jenelle’s third child Jace, 9, was already living with his grandma. Kaiser and Ensley have since returned to The Land, as we reported before.

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