Humboldt Park Alligator Finally Captured After Evading Authorities

Humboldt Park Alligator

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Humboldt Park Alligator Finally Captured After Evading Authorities

Have y’all heard about Chance the Snapper?

A Chicago alligator became an overnight celebrity this month after being spotted at Humboldt Park in the city. We’ve got an update and it looks like Chance the Snapper was captured today — and some people are sad about it. But only SOME.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Several onlookers lamented the Humboldt Park alligator’s capture Tuesday morning.

“I’m sad to see him go because it was actually pretty nice to have him here,” said Enoch DeJesus, a member of the Humboldt Park Fishing Society.

“It brought a lot of publicity to Humboldt Park, and people from all over came to try to see it,” he said.

The alligator has been swimming around the Humboldt Park lagoon for at least a week.

“The gator actually brought people together. And that’s pretty cool,” said DeJesus, who works security at the East Bank Club.

A person walking a dog had a decidedly different take: “Good. Now we can have the park back.”

See a photo of our reptilian friend here and shoutout to Alligator Bob (photographed talking to the media above) for all his hard work in finding Chance. We’re wishing them BOTH good luck!

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