Watch Taylor Swift & Jennifer Hudson In 1st Video – Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson transform into alley cats in the first trailer for ‘Cats,’ which transformed the classic broadway musical into a star-studded cinematic event!

Taylor Swift’s dreams have come true — she has been transformed into an orange tabby who gets to wield a bedazzled can of catnip, as seen in the first trailer for Cats! The sneak peek video dropped on July 17, and it’s already packed with stunning vocals (ahem, Jennifer Hudson), beautiful costumes, and quirky feline antics (hi, Rebel Wilson). Other famous faces featured in the trailer were Idris Elba, James Corden, Ian McKellen and Jason Derulo, but they weren’t stuffed into catsuits — well, not really. To make the movie extra realistic, the actors and actresses wore motion capture suits to transform into eerily realistic felines!

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