‘Queer Eye’ Season 4: Where is Farmer Matt’s Red Barn Ranch?

One of the highlights of Queer Eye Season 4 is a “farm to slay-ble” makeover involving a recent divorcee named Matt who lives on a farm in rural Missouri.

As this fourth-generation farmer explains at the beginning of the episode, Matt’s dairy farm has fallen on hard times — a common occurrence in the area — and he wants to try to make a little extra cash by hosting farm-to-table dinners on his property. Over the course of their week in the country, the members of the Fab Five — stylist Tan France, interior designer Bobby Berk, life coach Karamo Brown, grooming maven Jonathan Van Ness, and food expert Antoni Porowski — give both Matt and his farm a major makeover culminating in a candlelit dinner where he serves a homemade butternut squash soup to his friends and family on a gorgeous patio outfitted with a custom-designed, extra-long table.

It’s one of the most rewarding makeovers of the season to watch, especially considering that at the beginning of the episode, Matt admits that he “never had an in-depth conversation with a gay person” before meeting the Fab Five. Once the makeover is complete, Matt raises a glass of wine from the local Amigoni winery and tells his family, “I wanted to give up on this place and mow it down, but because of those guys, I didn’t.”

Since the episode was filmed last fall, it seems that Matt has continued to make improvements to the Red Barn Ranch. The farm now has a silo slide, a barrel train, and a corn maze for families, and the barn can also be rented out for weddings, birthday parties, and other events. In September, Matt will reopen his pumpkin patch, with 32 gourd varieties for sale. Red Barn Ranch is located in Harrisonville, Missouri, approximately 40 miles south of Kansas City. It’s open to the public every weekend, and by appointment during the week.

Matt’s makeover — and seven other Fab Five transformations — are now available to stream on Netflix.

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