Tana Mongeau Pranks Jake Paul Into Thinking She’s Pregnant – Watch!

So this is why these two are rushing to get married, eh?! HA!!!

Tana Mongeau released a new video on her YouTube channel on Sunday afternoon, in which — among a variety of other things — she shows off a brand new prank that REALLY knocks the wind out of soon-to-be-husband Jake Paul!

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The whole thing goes down just before the ten-minute mark in the video (below), with Tana sitting down on the bed in front of Jake and delivering the phony news to the poor, unsuspecting YouTube star! Ch-ch-check it out to see Jake’s unsuspecting and hilarious reaction (below):

Ha!!! The man who loves pranks sooooo much went and got himself pranked yet again — this time by his own lovely lady! Loving it!!!  And you’ve gotta admit it was a pretty solid look for Tana, considering all that’s been happening between these two recently — as they continue to plan for their lives together as a married couple and stuff, too!

Not only all that, but also… Jake’s reaction was REALLY something to see here after the prank itself, wasn’t it?! We honestly would’ve expected the YouTuber to be a little floored (and a little scared, and a LOT uncertain) about the possibility of a coming child, but he looked like he was super down for it and ready to be a dad!!! Maybe it’s aided at least in part by a byproduct of how much $$$ he’s making — any future kid isn’t exactly going to struggle, no matter how unplanned — but still, maybe Jake is low-key more mature than we gave him credit for before stuff like this surfaced?!

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What do y’all think about the funny prank and reactions to it here, Perezcious readers?! Interesting to see how Jake seems more or less down to have a child, even though he’s so young and seemingly so immature. Is he even ready for children?! Would he even make a good father??

Tough to imagine THAT part, at least just based off what he films for his YouTube videos… but maybe there’s something there with Jake as a wonderful dad, y’all! Haha who knows!!

Sound OFF about all of it in the comment section (below) and let us know what you’re thinking about it… we want to hear from you! (But please don’t ever prank US like this! LOLz!!!

[Image via Tana Mongeau/YouTube]

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