Jennifer Lopez Asked Ruth Bader Ginsburg For Marriage Advice! Yes, Really!

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to be a national treasure!

The 86-year-old judge spoke to a crowd of about 4,000 people on Saturday afternoon during the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival, and as part of her talk with the audience, RBG revealed something very interesting: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez visited her chambers in Washington, DC a few months ago!

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While there, the justice told NPR journalist Nina Totenburg, who was hosting the event, J.Lo and A-Rod asked the intellectual heavyweight if she had any marriage advice for them! That sounds crazy and funny — and it is! — but it’s also not a bad question to ask of the judge, because she was married to her husband Marty for more than 50 years before he passed away in 2010. So she’s got staying power in marriage and knows what’s up!

RBG revealed more about the moment at the talk, noting she had a secret to marriage that had been given to her by her very own mother-in-law on the day she married Marty (below):

“[J.Lo] mostly wanted to ask if I had any secret about a happy marriage. But now A-Rod is traveling with her to concerts all over the world.”

Of course, Totenburg asked the question we would all ask (below):

“Did you pass on your mother-in-law’s secret?”

And of course, the notorious RBG obliged, as well (below):

“On the day I was married, my mother-in-law – I was married in her home – she took me aside and said she wanted to tell me what was the secret of a happy marriage: It helps sometimes to be a little deaf.”

LOLz!!! Amen to THAT!

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The justice went on to say that advice has come in handy for her not just in marriage, but also “in every workplace, including the good job I have now.” Ha!!!

Oh, by the way… the question about J.Lo came up in the first place after Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden told the crowd RBG had actually asked to be introduced as “the J.Lo of jurisprudence” at the event! LOVE IT!!!

Got any reactions to all this funny stuff, Perezcious readers?? This woman is a national treasure and she must be protected at all costs! We’re talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, of course… but we feel the same way about Jennifer Lopez, too! Ha!!!

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