Robert De Niro Drops Multiple F-Bombs In Live TV Interview – Watch!

Tell us how you really feel, Robert De Niro!

The longtime actor went on Reliable Sources on CNN on Sunday morning, granting a rare live TV interview to talk about his new film, The Irishman. While there, he also touched on some other political and social issues facing our country — including Donald Trump. De Niro is no stranger to the anti-Trump world, and the legendary film star has long been vocal against the Cheeto-in-Chief, but he took it to the next level today on the show opposite host Brian Stelter.

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The Raging Bull actor was truly raging on Sunday morning, and it showed. At around the two-minute mark of the video interview (above), when talking about Trump’s effect on the United States, De Niro goes AWF, swearing twice at the thought of Fox News watchers coming after him. You can even hear people behind the scenes on set reacting to the actor’s call-outs, which were done in real time on live television without warning or any ability to censor out the bad words. Oops!

De Niro has the right to be pissed, though — as do we all — considering everyone is completely sick and tired of everything Trump has ruined in the several years he’s been in office. And that’s not to mention the constant scandals, bizarre connections to the Russian government, and now, the ongoing major impeachment controversy that (finally) threatens to bring Trump down, thanks to one brave whistleblower.

So while we may not all be as bold at De Niro in swearing on live TV about it, at least someone is fired enough to go on there call out this presidency for what it is: a scam and a sham! The Meet the Parents actor seems beyond fed up the entire time he’s on camera there with Stelter, too, which should really give you an idea of just how over the top Trump’s rhetoric and behavior has become. And as De Niro continues to step out publicly in such a way against the Prez, you can get a better sense of how strongly each side is digging in…

What do U think about all this ongoing and never-ending political drama, Perezcious readers?! Will Trump actually go down with this scandal, or is it just another day, just another controversy, with seemingly nothing to ever hold him back or trip him up?? Sound OFF with all of your opinions on the entire controversy (below)…

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