Camila Cabello Makes It Look ‘Easy’ Performing Live On ‘SNL’ – Watch!

This is so great!

Camila Cabello graced Saturday Night Live with her presence yesterday evening, and we couldn’t be happier about how it turned out — and how great she was doing the damn thing like she did for two live musical performances!

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David Harbour was on to host, too, and the cast went through a HIGHlarious round of skits and sketches — as well as the mainstays, like Weekend Update — but it was Cabello’s two live performances we’re leading with after watching each one several times!

Below, you can ch-ch-check out Camila’s great work, plus all the other highlights from last night’s memorable show, too! Enjoy!!!

Camila Cabello

The Senorita singer was so great! She didn’t perform her high-profile duet with Shawn Mendes for last night’s show, unfortunately, but she did make two great choices for her live songs: Easy, and Cry For Me. We were impressed with both — and you can watch both of ’em again (below):

Lovely! And unique!

Camila didn’t overdo it, keeping things relatively simple and making it both high-quality and very memorable. Get it, girl!!!

Cold Open ANd Monologue

In addition to Cabello’s work on the show, SNL offered up some other week-to-week mainstays, including a very funny cold open that lampooned CNN‘s recent Equality Town Hall and all the Democrat politicians vying for the Presidency in 2020 (below):


And in addition to that, after the cold open itself, Harbour offered up his monologue to really kick off the show, as the host always does right off the jump (below):


Harbour makes for a good host for this show, for sure!

All The Skits

What would SNL be without a host of skits and sketches?!

Ch-ch-check ’em all out, one by one (below)!!!

This last one right here about Rudy Giuliani… WOW. He’s become easier to spoof than the Prez!


Weekend Update

Finally, Weekend Update did their thing again this weekend, and it was a good one (below):


So there you have it, Perezcious readers! So great!!

Another funny round-up of sketches and Weekend Update clips this week, for sure… and mostly without going after Donald Trump, no less!

Quite the change for ’em relative to previous recent episodes from this season and last! Just sayin’!!! Did U like SNL with less Trump, or did you miss Alec Baldwin‘s impersonation???

And overall, what’d U think of last night’s episode?! We want to hear from you!!!

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[Image via SNL/YouTube]

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