K. Michelle Reveals She Used To Be A Stripper, Compares R. Kelly To Elvis On ‘Nick Cannon Mornings’ [Video]

K. Michelle In Concert - Detroit, MI

Source: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty

K. Michelle Comments On R. Kelly

K. Michelle stopped by “Nick Cannon Mornings” and things got real. The singer, who has a relationship with defamed r&b crooner R. Kelly says she “lost it” when he got arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of several women accusers.

“I just remember, I was in the booth as they was taking him into jail [on the tv]. I just lost it. I know right is right and wrong is wrong but, I don’t have a heaven or a hell to put this person in. I do know that if Elvis can pick his wife up at 14 from high school, all I want is the same energy.”

Kimberly also reveals at the top of the clip that she used to strip wayyyy before her career jumped off. Do YOU think K. Michelle makes a good point? Fast forward to the 8-minute mark to hear her take on R. Kelly.



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