Kaitlynn Carter Says She’s ‘Been Through’ Rough Time After Miley Split – HollywoodLife

Kaitlynn Carter didn’t sugarcoat the truth after a fan claimed she looked ‘too thin’ in her selfies taken at Palm Springs, shared on Oct. 22.

Kaitlynn Carter, 31, has “been through some s**t lately.” That’s what the Foray co-founder responded to a fan who thought she looked “too thin” in her bikini selfies shared from Palm Springs on Oct. 22, according to Us Weekly — both comments have disappeared from Kaitlynn’s page. Indeed, Kaitlynn has been through a lot. Following a romance that was public for six weeks, it was announced that Kaitlynn and Miley Cyrus, 26, reportedly “broke up” on Sept. 21. While we were still processing that news — not to mention the end of Kaitlynn’s marriage with Brody Jenner, 36, in August — Miley was seen kissing Cody Simpson, 22, by Oct. 3.

Since then, Miley and Cody’s romance has escalated from makeout buddies to a full-fledged couple! Cody confirmed that he was “not single” and is “very happy” with Miley in an interview with HollywoodLife on Oct. 11, and their constant parade of social media PDA conveys the same message.

Meanwhile, Kaitlynn also has to deal with shade from her ex’s former BFF, Spencer Pratt. After E! shared a video of Cody serenading Miley with a guitar during her hospitalization for tonsillitis on Oct. 9, Spencer commented, “Yah Kaitlynn def couldn’t do that.” Ouch.

Of course, as a business owner, Kaitlynn presumably has problems on her plate other than her love life — or her exes’ love lives. But on Oct. 9, the fashionista also shared a picture of a card containing a cryptic quote about love. “Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing, and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses,” it read. As a refresher, Kaitlynn and Miley were both good friends due to their Malibu roots before giving romance a shot!

Well, whatever “s**t” Kaitlynn is going through, at least she gets to deal with it amid a luxurious stay at Palm Springs. Following a road trip, The Hills: New Beginnings star arrived at the desert getaway spot on Oct. 22.!

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